Nimble, Efficient, and Innovative
Designs for teaching and learning.

STEM learning is our specialty

Kitchen Table Learning is a small business willing to work closely with you to meet your needs for curriculum development, educational evaluation or educational research. With real-world experience in our own classrooms as well as experience on large-scale projects, we are well prepared to help you develop and evaluate curriculum that meets your needs and helps your students achieve their goals. We see education as a life-long process that can happen almost anywhere. We are prepared to design, research or evaluate traditional or innovative ideas in human development.

Curriculum Development

We have experience designing for our own classrooms as well as other domestic and international STEM projects. We can produce biology, chemistry and physics curriculum for middle school and high school level. We are currently working on an engineering curriculum for elementary students. We are familiar with state and national standards in science and math. More...

Curriculum and
Program Evaluation

Our past projects have included evaluating teacher professional development in both short and long term settings. We also have experience with broader curriculum projects that include student and teacher input, assessment data, and classroom observations. We can help you design and implement an evaluation plan that fits your program and your budget. More...


We have a broad experience in educational research, including STEM, reading and online learning. K-12, college and adult. Survey development, assessment development, analysis of assessment data, collecting data through interviews, talk-alouds and classroom observations. Will work independently to design and implement your project or as part of a team. More...